Howard Melton

Howard Melton joined Southern Wine & Spirits in 1987 as howard template.jpgMIS Director for SWS of California.  Howard relocated to Southern’s headquarters in Miami as Systems Programmer and Database Administrator in 1993.  His vast career with Southern also includes being a Project Manager and Senior Programmer.  Howard was also a key participant in Southern’s original SAP implementations.

The culmination of Howard’s extensive knowledge of the alcohol beverage distribution industry and his technical prowess made him the perfect candidate for an Account Executive position, the position he was promoted to in 2006.  As an Account Executive, Howard plays the role of business and technology analyst for Southern’s Control States, as well as SWS of Illinois.

Howard earned his degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, VA.  In his spare time he enjoys woodworking and exploring State and National Parks with his family.