Statement on Environmental Impact

Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc. strives to provide excellent sales and service while minimizing our environmental impact. Our efforts are aimed at saving energy as well as promoting sustainable environmental practices. We have implemented these responsible practices into our daily operations, as we continue to set goals that challenge us to increase efficiencies and reduce waste.

We are currently conducting tests with our delivery fleet using Biodiesel fuel.

High-efficiency lighting (e.g. motion-sensor systems) have been installed at our distribution centers in Lakeland, Syracuse and Santa Fe Springs and, going forward,will be installed in all new facility construction.

The speed on fleet vehicles has been governed to 60 miles per hour, and new idling and tire rotation policies put in place. Research is also being done on truck aerodynamic design and enhancements.

RoadNet software has been upgraded at all divisions in an effort to increase routing efficiency, in turn reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

On-Board computers in delivery trucks have recently been piloted in the state of Florida—these computers analyze speed, shifting and idling time to improve driver behavior and truck performance.

Lighter-weight delivery trucks for small deliveries are being used in California and South Carolina. Trucks fueled by biodiesel are being piloted in Central Florida, with research being done on the possibility of using hybrid and automatic transmission trucks.