Tricia Alley has been in the restaurant/hospitality industry for more than twenty years. Tricia’s love of beverage was born out of a love for cooking. In 2002, as general manager of a Los Angeles swanky “martini” bar, Tricia began her love affair with classic cocktails made with fresh ingredients. In 2005, Tricia met a person who would soon become her first mentor and life long friend. Zahra Bates moved to Los Angeles from the London cocktail scene and fortunately for Tricia, Zahra took a position at the establishment that employed Tricia (678 dine, Westlake Village, CA). Tricia worked closely with Zahra learning new ways to be inspired by treating beverage as any other culinary category. Zahra moved on after a couple of years leaving the leadership of the three-venue company in Tricia’s hands.

In 2009, Zahra Bates invited Tricia to work with her program at the two Michelin star rated Providence LA. New inspiration and new technique around every truffled corner!

In 2010, Tricia began to work with her second mentor, the magnanimous Marcos Tello. Tricia had met Marcos in 2008 as he was just starting The Sporting Life, a think tank of Los Angeles mixologists. Marcos hired Tricia to open First and Hope Supper Club in downtown Los Angeles. Marcos’ training imbued Tricia’s craft with structure, theory, history, pride in the profession and a deep understanding of the business.

Next, Tricia took a position of heading up a program in Chef Mark Gold’s Eva Restaurant, Los Angeles. Chef Gold featured market fresh, progressive cuisine and Tricia worked to pair a cocktail program to this exciting profile. In the meantime, Tricia had been building her private beverage catering and beverage education company, The Concoctologist, through which clients hired Tricia to teach about cocktails and spirits in a party setting, as well as other cocktail events.

In February 2011, Tricia was asked to work along side Ryan Magarian to install a cocktail program in Rolling Stone Restaurant and Lounge, Hollywood. Tricia continued to work as the RSLA Beverage Director for several months until opportunity knocked again in the form of leading the bar program at Black Market Liquor Bar in Studio City. At Black Market, Tricia was honored to create a cocktail program to pair with Chef Antonia Lofaso’s cuisine as well as to work closely with bar business consultants Pablo Moix and Steve Livgni.

In November 2011, all of the experience came to culmination as Tricia landed her dream job as the Southern California Director of Mixology for Southern Wine and Spirits. Nothing compares to working for this amazing company and the opportunity to have a prolific involvement with the professionals of an industry leading market like Southern California.

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Tricia Alley

Beverage Professional - Mixologist - Educator
Featured in L.A. Times, Tasting Panel Magazine, NBC Los Angeles,
The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis and Taste Buds Radio Show with Rachel Burkons.