We believe those of our customers who have been utilizing SWS as the primary beverage supplier truly understand our meaning behind “Serving Others”. After all, we are in the business to provide you the best products available, while helping you grow your business. If you are not in that group, we encourage you to take advantage of our “added value” and benefit from our “choice” to serve you.

In our 40 years of business, our successes have come through building lasting relationships, providing pertinent knowledge, having a positive attitude and providing an outstanding portfolio of products that are cost effective for your business goals. By helping you establish your niche in the marketplace, we have put your best interests forward, so we can keep providing you the type of service that you need and deserve to help your business through whatever changes that you might encounter. We also understand that communication is the ultimate key in working with people when prices are volatile, we still continue to pursue viable options for you to shop. A couple of examples: two years ago we opened our Direct Warehouse for customers to come shop and save money (it has been a great success); and just this past year, we have expanded our “On-Line Shopping” to make your life even easier when time isn’t on your side. These simple efforts are just a couple of steps to keep up with the changing times and still provide you the type of service that you can count on year in and year out.

So for those of you who have made a conscious “Choice” in choosing SWS for your beverage purchases, we say “Thank You” for allowing us to be your #1 provider.  For those who use us sparingly, we surely appreciate your business and hope that in the future you will come to know the true meaning of top quality service with a positive attitude and dependability. We encourage you to take advantage of the savings available through our “Family Plan”, offering substantial discounts on our wine, spirits, beers and non-alcoholic products portfolio, thus maximizing your available dollars. Please contact your Southern Wine & Spirits Sales Representative today, so we can get you pointed in the right direction and make your “Choices” work for you.