TY KU Liqueur

TY KU Liqueur is a new super premium Asian Citrus Liqueur that has single handedly created a new category.

But it did not happen overnight. It took nearly four years to source the finest Asian Spirits made from the purest waters of the Far East, Botanicals from Europe, and Exotic Fruits from the Americas and Orient. It was difficult to find the very best traditional Japanese brew master, European flavor expert, and American design team. The result was worth it.

TY KU Liqueur may be an Asian inspired product, but it took the collaboration, experience and offerings of an entire globe to create.

TY KU Liqueur combines soft citrus, fresh melon with a balance of tea and botanicals to the subtle structure of premium Asian spirits. The delicately blended taste finishes with a hint of ginger. The drink is versatile, ideal alone or as the main ingredient in today’s resurgence of crafted cocktails.

TY KU’s multiple award winning US and International patented bottle illuminates with a soft green glow whenever it is poured, creating yet another industry first, and setting a new standard in out of the bottle thinking. The light jade color was a result of the exotic ingredients - but also embodies the serene and pure tranquility of natural landscapes, as well as the cherished premium Asian gemstone.