John Wittig

Executive Vice President, General Manager, Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida

John Wittig was appointed to his present position at Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida in October 2011, and he brings more than 25 years of experience to his current role. Mr. Wittig started in the wine and spirits industry with Seagram Americas in various sales management roles, and then worked as a Division Manager for Brown Forman. Most recently, Wittig has served as the Executive Vice President-General Manager, SWS of Nevada, managing the day-to-day operations of the Nevada division from 2007 to 2011.

Commenting on the appointment, Southern’s Executive Vice President-General Manager Brad Vassar said, “On behalf of the senior leadership team at Southern, we have every confidence that John will apply his best-practice approaches from Nevada in our South Florida division—leading it to new heights of performance. John achieved remarkable results in Nevada, demonstrating strong vision, team-building skills and operational discipline. We know these capabilities will provide a strong basis for our Florida division to continue to meet and exceed our customer and supplier’s expectations.”

According to Steve Power, “John brings to this role a breadth of industry experience that bridges both the supplier and wholesaler tiers. He has had great success with SWS of Nevada—working alongside one of the most innovative minds in our industry, Larry Ruvo.”

Regarding his appointment, Wittig commented, “I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the South Florida Sales and Marketing team.” Wittig added, “I plan to leverage my experiences from the past 25 years; however, I do realize that each market has its own unique characteristics and will require a fresh approach to succeed.”

Wayne Chaplin, Southern’s President & Chief Operating Officer, added, “John has proven himself to be a great builder and leader of high-performing teams. He has displayed that within the markets that he has led as well as across markets on corporate strategic projects. A key strength of John is his ability to manage the ‘whole’ business—not just one channel or one function. He has a full toolkit, and we look forward to seeing it put to use in South Florida.”