Barry Zeidwig

Executive Vice President/General Manager, SWS of North Florida

Right out of college in 1974, Mr. Barry Zeidwig joined Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida as a Sales Trainee in the Miami market.

Working the Miami market for two years selling distilled spirits and wine, Mr. Zeidwig was then promoted to a Salesman in the Fort Lauderdale market. Mr. Zeidwig worked in that market for seven years, at which point, in 1983, he was promoted to Division Manager-Distilled Spirits for the West Palm Beach market, which then as now is part of the Company's Southern Florida group.

Then, in 1984, Mr. Zeidwig moved to Pensacola, after being promoted to Vice President, General Manager of the Company's then Northwest Florida sales region. He worked in this position for approximately 10 years.

Then, as the then newly appointed Steve Power assumed his present position of Executive Vice President, General Manager of Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida, and embarked on a streamlining of the Company's statewide operation, Mr. Zeidwig was promoted to his present position as Vice President, General Manager of the Company's Northern Florida division, relocating to Jacksonville.

Mr. Zeidwig is very bullish on the Company's future prospects. "We want to continue our stellar growth and to increase our market share," says Mr. Zeidwig, adding, "We also want to maintain the high level of integrity that Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida stands for."

In the Northern Florida market, in particular, Mr. Zeidwig points to its tremendous population growth, still growing tourism and well as a strengthening industrial and agricultural base.

Mr. Zeidwig is very clear about the strong foundation of the Company. "The success of Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida is that day in, day out, we always strive to be the best. That's always been our goal, there is never any complacency around here."

Given his sales background, Mr. Zeidwig is confident about managing such a diverse operation extending from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Ocean. Mr. Zeidwig says simply, "I started as a salesman, and worked my way up."

In crediting Mel Dick, now the parent Company's Senior Vice President and President of the Wine Division, for inspiration, Mr. Zeidwig says, " I have always marveled at Mel's passion for the business and his product knowledge is second to none." Mr. Zeidwig adds affectionately, with a touch of humor, "When I grow up and I want to be like Mel, he is the greatest."

Of Steve Power, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida, Mr. Zeidwig says, "Steve is a friend. He handles people and situations better than anybody in the business."

Like his colleagues Mr. Richard Booth, who is in charge of the Company's Southern Division and Larry Goodrich, who is in charge of the Company's Central Division, Mr. Zeidwig is very supportive of local community affairs and charitable organizations. The Company offers support to the Hospice of North Florida, the Florida State University School of Hospitality, the Boy Scouts of America and the Leukemia Society in Northern Florida, among others.

With an eye toward the future, Mr. Zeidwig is poised for more growth, business and remains focused on maintaining the Company's reputation for outstanding customer service and sterling integrity.