Born of high standards, every drop of ABSOLUT® VODKA is made solely at One Source – our own distilleries in Ahus, Sweden. This area has an age-old tradition of vodka production thanks to perfect environmental and climatic conditions. ABSOLUT® uses the finest raw ingredients, including our own well water and specially harvested winter wheat. Its clarity and smoothness come from Continuous Distillation, a proprietary process that distills the vodka hundreds of times. "Produced at the famous distilleries near Ahus" means quality from 400 years of Swedish know-how with good support from nature.

ABSOLUT® VODKA has a definitively clear and perfectly balanced character. It’s smooth, with a slight malt essence and a hint of dried fruit, yet it retains the distinct nature of the grain from which it was made. ABSOLUT® VODKA is, quite simply, the standard for premium vodka.

Absolut Vodka
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