A clear and simple, but not shallow, concept

  • A Highland malt with a twist – 100% peated
  • Target ‘Glen’ drinkers with a scotch that is easy to understand (with a focus on communicating flavour) but also engaging (different from other Highlands with its peat flavour)
  • Most single malts focus on tradition and heritage. Ardmore is backed by these, but not ruled by them
  • Ardmore offers more substance to these drinkers, but in a relatively easy way to understand.


  • The only 100% peated Highland malt whisky (though considered “lightly” peated with 12-15 ppm (vs. Laphroaig’s 50 ppm)
  • Subtle peat-smoke tones, balanced by a smooth, oak sweetness
    Initial maturation in oak, final maturation in traditional, smaller oak Quarter Casks of 110 litre size
  • Bottled at 46% ABV and non-chill filtered, a more traditional process that further preserves more of the natural flavors
  • 3,000 9L cases available to US market for 2008 launch

PRICE +5% vs. Laphroaig 10yo


  • Source volume from: Glenfiddich, Glenlivet
  • Flavour Competitors: Glenmorangie, Balvenie

SHELF POSITION Top shelf, within Highland malts, to the right of Macallan