Graffigna Wine

Graffigna is a wine conceived in the vineyard from its very start, with a special oenologic criterion.

It is born surrounded by the particular conditions of the desert of San Juan, with a dry, warm and very sunny weather. Runoff streams originating in the Andes mountains flow through the area and provide ample water for irrigation.

Cabernet Sauvignon

A Deep red and ruby colour, with strong purple reflections. Fruit notes that enhances subtle notes of chocolate and vanilla. Robust, with defined tannins. Complex wine of great structure that paris well with grilled meat, vegetables, and cheese.


A Deep red colour, with purple shades. Of great complexitywith mature black fruit, aromas, touches of black pepper and spicy fragrances. A complex and well integrated wine, with soft and mature tanninsand notes of vanilla and coffee.
Ideal pairing for barbecues, all types of food with pepper and onion based sauces.

Pinot Grigio

A light yellow wine, with delicate greenish reflections. Floral aroma with emphasis of white flowers. Slight touches of fruits, like peaches and apricots. Fresh and young with a subtle fruity and floral tastes. A surprising white wine that pairs well with cheese, pies, well seasoned sea foods and
Mexican food.