Nuvo is the world’s first sparkling vodka liqueur. Nuvo was created to allow the female consumer to experience a level of refinement, luxury, and sophistication, like never before. Nuvo has the beauty and elegance of Champagne but also has the practically and purity of a spirit. Nuvo is made of predominately sparkling French vodka,
a small amount of French sparkling wine, and exotic fruit nectar.
The French vodka is distilled in a traditional copper pot still and charcoal filtered. Then a revolutionary process takes place, the pure vodka is carefully with bubbles to achieve a exceptionally smooth with a light tingly effervescence. Then a touch of sparkling wine is added for softness that is made up of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Finally exotic fruit nectar comprising of some fresh peach, and succulent raspberries, are carefully blended with the sparkling vodka and sparkling wine. Nuvo has five bars of internal gas pressure within the bottle that is equivalent to the gas pressure in Champagne. In addition Nuvo is the only square bottle to ever facilitate a sparkling product.
Nuvo is best served chilled over ice in a Champagne flute. This sparkling vodka nectar must be chilled and poured over ice in a Champagne flute to capture the essence of the Nuvo experience. We do not recommend Nuvo as a mixer but rather enjoyed on its own over ice.