Charbay: Handcrafted spirits from Northern California

American Wines is pleased to announce the statewide distribution of the Charbay family of distilled spirits. The brand features small, handcrafted releases of vodka, rum, pastis, black walnut liqueur and whiskey. Charbay’s flagship fruit-infused vodkas taste just like the real fruit. Rind, pulp, juices – it’s all there.

A family business

The Charbay distillery is owned and operated by the Karakasevic family. Miles, a European-trained master winemaker and master distiller, traces his family tradition back more than 250 years to 1751 in former-Yugoslavia. He has been involved with winemaking and distilling since he was a child.

Marko, following a classical European apprenticeship with his father, is the family’s 13th generation to carry on the tradition of winemaking and distilling. Marko’s vision was the catalyst for Charbay Vodka and Charbay Whiskey. His revolutionary style, using only 100% real fruit and tea has set Charbay apart from the huge world of flavored vodkas. Made only once a year when the fruit is ripe, making them “vintage vodka”, they taste “better than the fresh fruit they are made from” – Bon Apetit Magazine.

The Napa-based family is committed to exceptional quality ingredients and fermenting/distilling techniques. The main production still, a classic Alambic Charentais Pot Still, is an hour north in Mendocino County.
Charbay Clear Vodka

Distilled in a four column still from corn and rye; barely filtered to preserve body and mouth-feel. Winner of Food & Wine’s Vodka of the Year, as well as Spirit Journal’s No. 1 Vodka two years in a row – Charbay is the first vodka to ever be in the Top 10 Spirits in the World from Spirit Journal, and was given 100 points!
Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka -
ripe in fall

Juicy, sweet … instantly familiar. Fruit source: Texas Rio Star. Cocktail example: Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka Tonic or Hemingway.

Blood Orange Vodka – ripe in spring

Deep-red color, with all the aromas and spicy sweetness of this Sicilian-native fruit. Fruit source: Porterville, California. Cocktail example: Blood Orange Cosmo or Blood Orange Drop.

Raspberry Vodka – ripe in summer

Flavored with whole raspberries from Oregon. Cocktail example: On the rocks or Raspberry Drop.

Meyer Lemon Vodka – ripe in winter

A rare crop; considered the sweetest variety of lemon. Fruit source: Porterville, California. Cocktail example: Meyer Lemon Drop or Meyer Lemon Bloody Mary.

Green Tea Vodka - the only crop we can harvest twice a year

Flavored with four extractions of whole-leaf, first growth green teas from the Anwei Province in China. Cocktail example: On the rocks or Green Tea Mojito.

Pomegranate Vodka - ripe in summer

With an earthy, floral and spicy flavor from the Wonderful variety. Fruit source: Visalia, California. Grown organically (*non-certified), these are the most beautiful pomegranates we’ve ever see n! Cocktail example: Pomegranate Cosmopolitan or Moroccan Martini.

Alambic Cane Rum

Triple Copper Pot Distilled sugar cane from Hawaii and Jamaica, unaged and unbeleivably smooth! 100 points given to Charbay Rum from Wine Enthusiast last year – it will not dissapoint!

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Rum

Bittersweet with cocoa bean nuances. Suffused with vanilla but not cloyingly sweet. Luscious sugar cane taste. “A must-have for serious rum fanatics” (Wine Enthusiast Best of Year 2004).

Whiskey Release II

The second release in a 3 part series, this is a collectors treasure. Aged for 8 years, this is a beauty. Only 240 cases (6-pack), packaged in a lovely gift box, perfect for Whiskey officionado’s looking for something completely unique.

Black Walnut Liqueur

Black, English and Carpathian walnuts infuse a toasty, barrel-aged Pinot Noir brandy. Features easy-sipping nut flavors and a long-complex finish. Taking two years to create and only 50 cases released at a time. Serving suggestion: Blended into whipped cream for a coffee drink, poured over ice cream, on pumpkin pie or a nut tort.