Regional Director of Mixology of Southern Wine & Spirits IL, KY, & MN Bridget Albert to lead education program

Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois (SWS-IL), a division of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., today announced the Advanced Mixology Culinary Academy Planet Tour designed exclusively for beverage and hospitality professionals.

Ten Illinois bartenders have begun their travel to four spirited destinations to discover distilleries of top brands in their home countries. These tours were designed to elevate the art and craft of the bartender. Throughout each visit, students will have hands on experience at distilleries and will be educated by Master Distillers. Students have begun to document their adventures on the AMCA Blog and will be tested on the spirit category and culture at each of the destinations. This is the first time in Illinois history an Academy program has taken bartenders to so many different countries and challenged their knowledge.

Will Conniff, Executive Vice President-General Manager of Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois, Kentucky and Minnesota, said, “The Advanced Academy raises the bar even further for those beverage professionals who seek higher levels of spirits knowledge at landmark locations throughout the world”.

Bridget Albert, Regional Director of Mixology of Southern Wine & Spirits Illinois, Kentucky, and Minnesota, said, “AMCA Planet Tour allows beverage professionals to embrace spirit categories, their countries, and cultures.”

According to Brian Orlik, SWS-IL’s Director of Education and Trade Relations, “The Advanced Mixology Culinary Academy affords beverage professionals a comprehensive educational experience in the classroom, distillery and distillate country of origin.”

Planned Tour Dates, Categories and Locations:

• June 25th-30th: France – Absinthe & Cognac – Pernod Ricard and the BNIC
• July 9th & 10th: Canada – Canadian Whisky – Canadian Club
• Aug 20th-23rd: Puerto Rico – Rum – Don Q
• Sept 17th-23rd: Poland – Vodka - Chopin

AMCA students will visit and be hosted by Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois spirit partners.

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