Corporate sponsorship, community involvement and educational excellence are all important charitable concerns at Southern Wine & Spirits of Indiana, according to Art Salvi, General Manager of Southern Wine & Spirits of Indiana, which is a division of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., the country’s leading wine and spirits distributor.  

Southern Wine & Spirits of Indiana and “United Way Day of Caring at the Johnson County Boys and Girls Club”

Southern Wine & Spirits of Indiana (SWS-I) became a supporter of the United Way of Johnson County very soon after establishing the main distribution center in Greenwood, Indiana in 2010.  In 2011, the Company decided to expand its involvement by participating in the annual Day of Caring.

SWS-I’s Lisa Blankenship led the project and visited a number of United Way-sponsored programs.  The Boys and Girls Club of Franklin was one of the site visits.  Lisa was impressed with the mission of the Boys & Girls Club and the programs that were offered to the parents and children of Johnson County. 

SWS-I’s Facility Director, Teresa McClure, showed her fellow SWS-I volunteers how other companies had sponsored rooms in the club by renovating them.  After seeing the library, our group of SWS-I volunteers immediately agreed that SWS-I would make this renovation our project for the Day of Caring.
SWS-I volunteers from various areas of the company along with a group of Franklin College students joined together to complete the renovation in two weekends. The final results were fantastic and everyone involved had a great time on the project. 

Art Salvi commended his team members, noting, “At SWS-I, we are proud to contribute to many charitable organizations in the great state of Indiana, and I am very proud of our local and community-based efforts and time our SWS-I employees devote to these worthy groups.”