A Story of Heritage…

  • Created in 1939 to celebrate a Canadian visit from the king and queen of England
  • A blend of fifty distinct full bodied Canadian whiskies matured to perfection in white oak barrels
  • Rich and smooth with hints of honey and pepper
  • Approachable indulgence- a symbol of everyday status and taste

A Story of Craft…

  • Crafted by the master distiller from personally selected whiskies of exceptional quality and character
  • Individually numbered, and carries the seal of the master distiller
  • Rich, round texture with a full bodied, aromatic nose complimented by hints of oak, spice and nutty floral characteristics
  • An affirmation of your good taste, meant for special occasions of status
  • Serve on the Rocks, w/ Cola or Mixed

A Story of Finishes…

  • A perfect union of two noble spirits – Crown Royal and cognac
  • Fine Canadian whisky finished in rare cognac casks from France
  • Casks bring essence of cognac creaminess and hints of dried fruit to the whisky
  • Slightly fruity and spicy aroma. A clean, long and pleasant finish
  • Rich, elegant, elevates any special occasion
  • Serve on the Rocks or Neat

A Story of Rarity…

  • An unparalleled smooth taste derived from the last remaining batch whiskey created in the legendary Waterloo distillery
  • Made from rare, extra aged ryes and bourbons
  • Offers a creamy, seamlessly rounded, long, rich finish. Full bodied, highly aromatic bouquet stylized by vanilla, toffee and spicy touches.
  • For momentous occasions when only the absolute best will do
  • Serve Neat or w/ one ice cube



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