» Daily’s Ready-to-Drink

Daily’s introduces a whole new concept in chilled beverages – ready-to-drink cocktails with the alcohol already in them. These cocktails feature a compact, portable, non-breakable box and a Flavor-Lock Tap for easy use. So your customers can enjoy a refreshing cocktail anywhere, anytime, out of the fridge or on the go – no mixing, no pouring, no problem! Available in Cosmopolitan and Margarita flavors,the cocktails have the great taste and convenience your customers are looking for. So look for Daily’s to once again grow your sales!

» Great concept+Great taste+Great package=Increased sales

• Packaging draws attention and encourages impulse purchase
• Box is compact, portable and easy to use
• Creates more usage occasions
• Ideal for get-togethers or daily enjoyment

» The perfect look and product for your consumers

• Great-tasting chilled cocktails, all natural flavors
• Flavor-Lock Tap system locks in Daily’s fresh fruit flavors
• 1.75L package fits neatly in the fridge or a cooler
• Cool. Convenient. Cocktails. Anytime. Anywhere.


Item # 130640

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