Sobieski Vodka is imported from Poland and despite suggestions to the contrary, many believe Poland, not Russia, is the birthplace of vodka. There in the land where the spirit originated, Sobieski is the #1 premium vodka.

Pure Polish

Sobieski is authentic Polish vodka in the truest sense. Produced from a tradition handed down over 500 years, it is made from the finest ingredients - Dankowski Rye - and distilled four times for exceptional smoothness. One could argue it's created from the blueprint from which all other vodka was inspired.

Tasting Notes

Sobieski has a clear, colorless appearance. Its bouquetis pure vodka. The taste is of freshly baked rye bread -clean, fresh, powerful, well-balanced, expressive. The finish is smooth and delicate.

Selling Points

The number 1 premium vodka in Poland (the birthplace of vodka). One of the fastest-growing premium vodkas in the world (7th largest). Super-premium quality vodka at an affordable price point.