Michael Jahn
Before joining Southern Wine and Spirits of California in 1985, Mr. Jahn, who is now Executive Vice President, General Manager of Southern Wine and Spirits of Arizona and SWS of New Mexico, worked in a number of senior sales positions for a variety of leading wine and spirits suppliers.

Then, in 1985, Mr. Jahn joined Southern Wine and Spirits of California, where for a six-year period of time he served as Executive Wine Manager, managing the entire wine portfolio in the Company’s Southern California market.

In 1991, Mr. Jahn was promoted to Executive Vice President/General Manager for the newly opened Southern Wine and Spirits of Arizona. Of his previous sales, marketing and management experience prior to taking over responsibilities for the Company’s Arizona operation, Mr. Jahn says, “I understand the beverage business, whether it’s wine, spirits, beer or any beverage.”

Mr. Jahn is very confident about securing more growth in the future: “By 2010, demographic experts predict the state’s population could almost double to approximately 9 million people. This fact alone provides a tremendous opportunity for growth. When you combine t