Pacific Rim Dry Riesling


• Riesling faithfully expresses terroir – free from concealment by woody oak tones or
buttery malolactic fermentation aromas
• Riesling is the perfect food wine because of its balance between acidity, sweetness(or dryness) and moderate alcohol
• Riesling is produced in a multiplicity of styles – from dry to very sweet

Pacific Rim wines are vivid and elegant, with delicate aromas and moderate alcohol. You’ll find no barrels in our cellars – we exclusively use stainless steel tanks, allowing the true character of this noble grape to speak for itself. By artfully balancing acidity and sugar levels, we create a broad spectrum of wines from dry to very sweet.


To make our drier style Riesling, we pick our grapes relatively early. The Riesling juice is fermented at cold temperatures for 30 days and then aged in stainless steel tanks. We leave our dry wines sur lie (sur lie means that we keep the wine on the yeast lees to increase the mouthfeel of the wine) post fermentation for five months and we stir the lees once or twice a week. We use no oak and no malolactic on this wine – it’s as pure and unmanipulated as it gets.

For our Dry Riesling, we blend 20% of German Riesling wine – selected by Johannes Selbach in the Mosel region – to 80% of our Washington state Riesling. The German Riesling lends great depth and acidity as well as low alcohol.

The wine is crisp, dry and lush with flavors of citrus, jasmine and minerals. Our Dry Riesling harmoniously complements the wor