Larry Goodrich

Joining the Company in late 1977, Larry Goodrich began as a wine salesman for bars and restaurants in the Miami market. Hired by Mr. Mel Dick, now Senior Vice President of Southern Wine and Spirits of America and President of the Company's Wine Division, Mr. Goodrich says he was the 12th person hired in the Company's on-premise wine division for its Southern Florida operation.

One year later, in 1978, Mr. Goodrich was promoted to District Manager [in Miami] in the restaurant division for the Company's Southern Florida territory.

Then, two years later, in 1980, Mr. Goodrich was relocated to Jacksonville, where he was promoted to Sales Manager for the grocery division, where he concentrated on the Company's growing wine portfolio.

In 1981, Mr. Goodrich was named Sales Manager, Wine, for supermarkets and restaurants in the burgeoning Jacksonville market. But not long after this promotion, Mr., Goodrich was asked by senior management to return to Miami, where he was appointed in 1982 as Assistant to the President, working for Mel Dick, Senior Vice President of Southern Wine and Spirits and President of the Company's Wine Division.

After four years in Miami, in late 1986, Mr. Goodrich returned to Jacksonville, after being promoted to General Sales Manager for that division for distilled spirits, wine, imported beer and non-alcoholic beverages for all sales channels.

After about a year in that market, Mr. Goodrich then moved to Orlando in 1988, after being promoted to Vice President and General Sales Manager of the Company's Jacksonville/Orlando division.

Then, in 1995, following a streamlining of the Company's entire statewide operation undertaken by Steve Power, the then newly appointed Executive Vice President, General Manager of Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida, Mr. Goodrich was promoted to Vice President, General Manager of the Company's Central Florida Division, which encompasses the key Tampa, Orlando and surrounding markets.

In October 2004, after Southern's acquisition of PremierWine & Spirits of New York, Mr. Goodrich was chosen to lead Southern's latest venture. In his current position as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Southern Wine and Spirits of New York, Mr. Goodrich will develop capabilities for statewide presence and coverage.

Mr. Goodrich credits his ability to handle most any challenge to the fact that "Because I started at the bottom and worked my way up in both sales and management, I have a very good understanding of the opportunities and difficulties that are presented on a daily basis."

Noting his latest appointment, Mr. Goodrich said, "This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I am so excited to be able to come to the New York Market and work with some of the country's leading on- and off-premise customers. I look forward to helping build our New York business success together with our customers, suppliers and employees alike; there is unquestionably tremendous opportunities for all stakeholders to benefit from our planned investments in the New York marketplace."

Noting the support and education, he has received from both Mel Dick and Steve Power, Mr. Goodrich says, "They both taught me the value in developing, training and retaining long-term employees; and, equally important, to challenge and motivate them," adding "They also both taught me to turn my professional relationships into personal relationships." What's more, Mr. Goodrich says, "They taught me the importance of supplier relationships - you have got to work with your suppliers closely and jointly attaining their numbers."

Mr. Goodrich is very proud of the Company's involvement in and support of the communities in which they live, including Company-sponsored support for the United Way, Central Florida YMCA, Share Our Strength and the Make a Wish Foundation of Sarasota/Tampa Bay, Inc., among others. Summing up, "We are very involved in local communities, local charities and civic affairs," says Mr. Goodrich