John R. Kopinsky

Vice President Low Proof Spirits & Wines

John is a veteran of 23 years in the Wine and Spirits industry. He started his career with National Distiller’s Products Company as a sales representative in Ohio. He rapidly advanced, holding positions such as Marketing Manager, Metro New York Sales Manager and New Jersey State Manager. After National Distillers was sold to Jim Beam Co. in 1987, he joined Paramount Distillers as a Distributor Manager. Again, rapidly advancing, John was a Vice President and partner when Paramount Distillers sold in 2007 to Southern Wine & Spirits of America.

As the Vice President of Low Proof Spirits & Wine, John’s current responsibilities include all aspects relating to the sales and marketing of Southern Wine & Spirits of Ohio’s low proof spirit and wine portfolio.

John enjoys the challenge of managing his experienced sales team to maximize sales for all of their brands while working closely with multiple distributors throughout Ohio.

“The Southern Wine & Spirits “Family” has allowed us here in Ohio to participate in many charitable events. This not only benefits us by interacting with our end consumer, but also allows us to support many local charities. Some of these include: The Muscular Dystrophy Association, The Greater Cleveland Diabetes Association, MedWish, Breast Cancer Awareness, Our Lady of the Wayside, and Autism Speaks.”

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