Kentucky: Panel considers alcohol-sales order in 4 precincts

Kentucky: Panel considers alcohol-sales order in 4 precincts

By Sheryl Edelen - The Courier-Journal
Jan 8th

The battle over the vote to ban alcohol sales in four western Louisville precincts went before a three-judge panel of the Kentucky Court of Appeals today.

The panel considered a motion to allow five alcohol license holders to continue to sell beer or spirits in the precincts while their legal challenges to the election advance.

The panel could issue its ruling by the end of the week.

The state Court of Appeals had granted an emergency injunction allowing the business owners to continue selling alcohol in November, and it remains in effect pending a final decision.

Residents of the four precincts - made up of a large swath of Shawnee and a sliver of Portland - voted to ban alcohol sales there in four separate elections held Sept. 11. Alcohol sales would have ceased after Nov. 10 under terms of the election.

The five license holders - and 10 residents - filed two lawsuits in November contesting various aspects of the elections. Among other things, the lawsuits allege the use of illegal polling locations; improper advertisement of the election; and the turning away of at least one registered voter.

Arguments concerning the lawsuits are to begin Friday before Jefferson Circuit Judge Martin McDonald.

Meanwhile, Metro Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton, who supported neighborhood leaders in the anti-liquor effort, will hold a meeting at 6:30 tonight at the Spirit of Love Center, 4107 W. Market St., to update the community on the latest developments regarding the issue.

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