Brad Waxman

Brad Waxman.JPGBrad Waxman is a veteran of 32 years in the wine and spirits industry.  Mr. Waxman started his career with Superior Wine & Spirits of Pennsylvania in 1977.  He held positions there as Warehouse Manager, Sales Representative, Director of Sales, and President.  In October 1995, Superior was purchased by the Charmer/Sunbelt Group and Mr. Waxman became the Brand Marketing Manager for that organization.  In January 1999, he joined Southern Wine and Spirits of Pennsylvania as General Manager of the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits Division.  In January 2002, he was named Executive Vice President, General Sales Manager of Southern Wine and Spirits of Pennsylvania. In January 2008, Mr. Waxman was promoted to the position of Executive Vice President / General Manager.

Mr. Waxman's community involvement revolves around a variety of charitable organizations--Breast Health Institute, The Liver Foundation, Organ Donation Group, MANNA (AIDS), and the Children's Crises Center Association of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Waxman is involved in committees for all of these organizations.

Mr. Waxman is an active member of the Pennsylvania Hotel Association, Pennsylvania Restaurant Association, National Association of Catering Executives, and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Wine & Spirits Association.

Mr. Waxman's mission statement for the Sales Division is "To be the most knowledgeable, competitive, and best managed wine and spirits broker in Pennsylvania.  Through our vision, structure, personnel, innovation, and building of best practices, we build closer relationships with our customers, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, and our most important supplier partners.  We will provide the highest quality of customer service and strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve."