Who is inVision Marketing?

inVision Marketing is the internal promotional events marketing team of Southern Wine & Spirits of Pennsylvania

What is inVision Marketing’s purpose?

  • To provide superior marketing services and consumer education that meets the needs of our clients and consumers.
  • To reach the ultimate goal of educating consumers on our brands and impacting brand awareness and incremental sales.
  • Increase occasions where wine and spirits are enjoyed- growing the categories.
What inVision Marketing Provides:
  • Excellence in event execution and creative programs for all products
  • Dedicated and trained staff to market and sell our brands.
  • Personal one-on-one customer education and hand-selling through in-store and on-premise consumer tastings.
  • Execution, recap and analysis of marketing programs.
What inVision Marketing Offers Over the Competition:
  • Commitment to recruiting, training, and retaining the most reliable and educated Consumer Educators (CE’s).
  • CE’s who are part-time employees of SWS, as opposed to outside contractors, and are committed to our success.
  • Ongoing training for our CE’s, including both field and classroom training, to provide basic wine and spirits knowledge. Specialized trainings that target specific brands and programs are also provided.
  • Quantitative and qualitative program recaps provided to clients immediately following events.

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