Southern Wine & Spirits of America Strengthens Operations in Pacific Northwest Markets
Gregg Risley Named Vice President, Operations - Pacific Northwest
Shawn Youmans Appointed Vice President, Operations - Oregon

January 29, 2013 - Miami, Florida: John Klein, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Southern Wine & Spirits of America’s seven Pacific Northwest markets (SWS-PNW)—divisions of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., (Southern), the country’s leading wine and spirits distributor—announced today the appointment of Gregg Risley as Vice President, Operations - SWS-PNW. Regarding the Company’s operations in Oregon, Klein also announced that Shawn Youmans has accepted the role of Vice President, Operations - Southern Wine & Spirits of Oregon. The appointments of both Risley and Youmans were effective January 20, 2013. Risley will report to Klein, and Youmans will report to Risley.

Commenting on these two important SWS-PNW appointments, Klein said, “As we continue to strengthen our operational reach and capabilities throughout the Pacific Northwest, Gregg will directly oversee all of our operations—including customer service, purchasing and facilities management. He will work closely with Southern’s Business Solutions Group and Supply Chain Management organizations, ensuring that the Pacific Northwest capitalizes on these important resources for efficiency and effectiveness across our company.” Risley previously served as Southern’s Vice President, Operations in Metro New York.

Klein continued, “We also look forward to Shawn raising the level of service excellence for all our customer and supplier partners in Oregon. Shawn oversaw the operations for the joint venture between Southern Wine & Spirits and the Odom Corporation in the Northwest—and will apply his vast knowledge to Oregon as we drive increasingly strong levels of service across the state.”

In related appointments concerning New York State, Southern’s Senior Vice-President, Supply Chain Officer Bobby Burg announced that Kevin Randall, currently serving as Vice President, Operations for the Upstate division of Southern Wine & Spirits of New York (SWS-NY), will assume Risley’s former position for the Metro New York market. Burg also noted that Amos Heaton has been named Vice President, Operations in SWS-NY Upstate to assume Randall’s former role. Both Randall and Heaton’s appointments are effective January 20, 2013 as well.

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