Starbucks Coffee Liqueur


The bottle shape is a replica of a cocktail shaker with a functional lid that doubles as a shot measurement. The stars in Starbucks logo are echoed in a reverse color band around the bottom of the bottle lid. Dark espresso replaces the traditional silver color of the "shaker" to evoke the deep, rich coffee for which Starbucks is famous.

The product itself is derived from actual Starbucks coffee (100 percent to be exact), combined with 20 percent alcohol. An informal survey of Starbucks customers and liquor store managers uncovered nothing but rave reviews for the taste of the product, regardless of whether it was mixed with coffee, other drinks or on the rocks. Unlike popular coffee-mixing liqueurs such as Kahlua, Bailey's and Frangelico, Starbucks Coffee Liqueur's taste is more coffee than sticky sweet.

The Bottom Line
This is a great new liqueur - fine coffee and blended alcohol in one bottle. A must for coffee drinkers that enjoy a good stiff coffee every now and then.